Services include:

• Exteriors
• Interiors
• Wallpapering

Exterior painting

We focus on a restorative process that ensures the longevity of the exterior of your home.
We use a Six-part process:

  1. Cleaning, which includes pressure washing
  2. Prepping, which may include scraping  all old paint, sanding, and removing of old caulking
  3. Priming—spot priming any all bare wood
  4. Painting: two coats of the paint we have worked with you to select
  5. Caulking and sealing as appropriate
  6. Cleaning the job site so that it looks as good or better than when we arrived.

Interior painting

The quality of our interior work is the same as our exterior—excellent! We use essentially the same process—we take extra care, using protective measures to make sure the paint only goes where we want it. We focus on one area at a time—we clean each room as it is finished, so your house is disturbed as little as possible.
We have three brands of paint we like to use, and will tell you about the pros and cons of each for your particular job. All three have green lines, and have great quality.  However, if you have another brand you would like to use, that too is fine.

Benjamin Moore
California Paints
Sherwin Williams


You pick the wallpaper and we will hang it.